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Alice Dixon, William McBride and Caroline Meaden have been working together in Melbourne/Naarm since 2013. They have made and performed eight original works of dance and theatre, carving out a distinctive aesthetic and formal contribution to the local dance ecology. Blending forms and references to create highly local and specific “Gesamtkunstwerks", they wilfully embrace and subvert “genre”, and slyly “perform performance”, allowing intuitive and subconscious logics to impose their desires on the process. Alice Will Caroline have presented work in festivals and venues including Dance Massive, Next Wave, FOLA, Dancehouse, Carriageworks, the Substation, Temperance Hall, Arts House, Abbotsford Convent and NGV.

Their work has been supported through residencies at Lucy Guerin Inc, Chunky Move, Dancehouse, Vitalstatistix, Ian Potter Gallery and Boyd Studio (City of Melbourne) among others. They have been funded by the Australia Council, Creative Victoria, Creative Partnerships Australia and Besen Family Foundation, and received numerous awards and nominations, including the 2019 Green Room Award for Best Ensemble Performance (Dance).

As performers, they have facilitated public live art experiences, including: ‘Playing Up’ (the Substation), ‘The Gallery Workout’ (NGV and ACM), ‘Deliverance’ (ZKU/Center for Art and  Urbanistics, Berlin), ‘Hotel Obscura’ (Arts House) and the ‘Merce Cunningham Dance  Residency’ (NGA). Over their careers Caroline, Alice and William have worked with artists and companies including: Phillip Adams Balletlab, Lucy Guerin, Antony Hamilton (CHUNKY MOVE), Walter Dundervill, Mish Grigor, Michelle Heaven, RAWCUS, Shelley Lasica, Pony Express, Morgan Aldrich and Katrina Cornwell, Marina Abramovic, Natalie Cursio, Renae Shadler, Leisa Shelton, Sandra Parker, Nebahat Erpolat, Deanne Butterworth, Victoria Chui, Rob McCredie, Prue Clark and Emilie Collier, Opera Australia, QL2 Youth Dance Company, Lz Dunne, one step at a time like this and Reckless Sleepers. 

As mid-career dance artists they are active advocates and mentors for younger artists. They were key figures in the development of TTDA (Think Tank Dance Assembly) in 2020, and in 2019 consulted with the sector to develop a co-submission to Creative Victoria’s 2020+ Creative State Strategy Summit - this was co-signed by 114  members of the dance and performance community. 


Winner: Greenroom Award, Best dance duet or Ensemble, 2020 for Doors Shut 

Winner: Best Dance, Melbourne Fringe Awards, 2015 for This is What’s Happening. 

Winner: Arts House Evolution Award, Melbourne Fringe Awards, 2016 for Blowin’ Up.

Nominee: Green Room Award, Best Production, 2019 for Lady Example. 

Nominee: Green Room Award, Ensemble Performance, 2019 for Lady Example. . 

Nominee: Green Room Award for Sound Composition, 2019 for Lady Example (Emah Fox)

Nominee: Green Room Award for Best Performer, 2019 for Lady Example (Caroline Meaden) 

Nominee: Green Room Award for Sound Composition, 2015 for This is What's Happening (Emah Fox)

Nominee: Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance, Australian Dance Awards, 2016 for This is What’s Happening. 

Nominee: Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance, Australian Dance Awards, 2017 for Fallen’ O’er. Residencies 

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