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Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride work in a non-hierarchical collaboration as devisers and performers of new, unusual contemporary dance theatre. Our work is primarily dance, but it is transdisciplinary, reflecting the different training and interests of the three of us. We embrace the intrinsic qualities of each artist, and the layers of relationship between us, as a driving component of the choreography and dramaturgy. Our expanded choreographic practice combines rigorous dance languages with theatricality, creative writing, design, documentary and contemporary cultural information.

Artistically innovative and entertaining, our work is both challenging in its thematic complexity as well as funny, moving, and virtuosic. We refuse the polemical, using choreography to offer an expansive semiotic field that can provoke an audience’s imagination.


Over six years we have made and presented six full-length works: Lady Example (presented by the Substation and Next Wave 2018 and Arts House for DANCE MASSIVE 2019) This is What’s Happening (presented by Speakeasy for Melbourne Fringe 2015),  Doors Shut (presented by Temperance Hall for Melbourne Fringe), Fallen O’er (commissioned and presented by Abbotsford Convent 2016), Blowin’ Up (presented by the Substation for Melbourne Fringe) and Let’s Go Up Here (presented by Arts House for the Festival of Live Art 2018). These works have all received awards and nominations including Australian Dance, Green Room and Melbourne Fringe development and category awards.


Our work has been supported by City of Melbourne, the Substation, Lucy Guerin Inc., Darebin Arts Speakeasy, Arts House, Tasdance, Vitalstatistix, Next Wave, The Australia Council, Creative Victoria, Creative Partnerships Australia, the City of Maribrynong and Besen Family Foundation. 

We have recently returned from a professional development trip to New York supported by the Australia council for the Arts' Career Development program.





  • This is What Happened in Shanghai (dancer and collaborator) created by Victoria Chiu, presented in Asia TOPA 2020

  • Token Armies ​(dancer) created by Antony Hamilton (CHUNKY MOVE), Melbourne International Arts Festival 2019

  • Top Ten Actions in This Scene​ ​(dancer) - choreographed by Deanne Butterworth, presented at Temperance Hall, 2019

  • Madama Butterfly​ (revival choreographer) - Opera Australia, 2019

  • The Gallery Workout​ ​(dancer) - created and choreographed by New York City dance company Monica Bill Barnes & Company, presented by the National Gallery Victoria and Arts Centre Melbourne for the MEL+NYC Festival 2018.

  • The Australian Ugliness ​(​ performer) - three channel video installation by Eugenia Lim, originally presented by Open House Melbourne and Melbourne School of Design 2018.

  • Contest (​ ​movement director) - written by Emilie Collyer and directed by Prue Clark, presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy, 2018.

  • Tiny Slopes ​(​dancer) - choreographed and directed by Natalie Cursio, presented by Arts House for DANCE MASSIVE 2017.

  • LOOP​ (​ dancer) - choreographed and directed by Natalie Cursio, presented by Arts Centre Melbourne 2017 and Drum Theatre, Dandenong 2018.

  • La Boheme​ ​(actor) - Opera Australia, Arts Centre Melbourne 2016 and 2018. The Ring Cycle​ ​(actor/dancer) - Opera Australia, Arts Centre Melbourne 2016.

  • A String Section​​ ​(performer) - created by Belgian/UK theatre company Reckless Sleepers, presented at Malthouse Theatre 2015.

  • Urban Rupture​ (​ dancer/collaborator) - directed by Nebahat Urpolat, Dancehouse 2015.

  • Madama Butterfly​ (​ dancer) - Opera Australia, Arts Centre Melbourne 2015.

  • The Marriage of Figaro​ ​(actor) - Opera Australia, Arts Centre Melbourne 2015.

  • La Traviata​ ​(​dancer) - Opera Australia, Handa Opera on the Harbor, Sydney 2012.

  • The Pearlfishers​ ​(​ dancer) - Opera Australia, Myer Music Bowl 2007, Sydney Opera House 2008, Arts Centre Melbourne 2011.

  • Since I Suppose​​ ​(performer) - created by one step at a time like this, Melbourne International Arts Festival 2014 and Festival of Live Art 2014.

  • Blizzard​ ​(​dancer/collaborator) - directed by Natalie Cursio, presented by The Substation 2013 - nominated for three Australian Green Room Awards and short-listed for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance.

  • Above​​ ​(dancer) - choreographed and directed by Phillip Adams, Balletlab, presented by Mona Foma, Hobart 2011.

  • Who Knows What​ ​(dancer) - choreographed and directed by Robert McCreddie, Next Wave festival 2010. With a bullet the album project: remastered​ ​(dancer) - Natalie Cursio Co., presented by Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Theatre, 2007.


  • Lady Example​​ ​- presented by the Substation and Next Wave for the Next Wave Festival 2018 and presented by Arts House for DANCE MASSIVE 2019.

  • Trilogy of the Desert: Mirage by William McBride​ ​- presented at the National Gallery of Victoria in the MEL+NYC Festival for FLUX-KIT-MEL, curated by Dan Koop and Jamie Lewis 2018.

  • Let’s Go Up Here​ ​-​ presented by Arts House for the Festival of Live Art 2018.

  • Blowin’ Up​ - presented by the Substation for their curated Melbourne Fringe Festival program 2016.

  • Fallen’ O’er​​ - ​commissioned and presented by the Abbotsford Convent through their Alchemy program ​2016.

  • This is What’s Happening​ ​-​ presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015. Solo choreographic work

  • And Then​ - choreographic commission by Lucy Guerin Inc., presented in Pieces for Small Spaces 2014 The Bush Capital​ for Blowin’ Up - The Substation’s curated Melbourne Fringe Program 2016

  • Alices​ -​ Victorian College of Arts Postgraduate Performance Season 2013



  • Winner: ​Best Dance​, Melbourne Fringe Awards, 2015 for ​This is What’s Happening.

  • Winner:​ Arts House Evolution Award​, Melbourne Fringe Awards, 2016 for ​Blowin’ Up.

  • Nominee:​ Green Room Awad, Ensemble Performance, 2020 for Doors Shut.

  • Nominee:​ Green Room Award, Best Production, 2019 for ​Lady Example.

  • Nominee:​ Green Room Award, Ensemble Performance, 2019 for ​Lady Example. Nominee:​ Green Room Award, Ensemble Performance, 2014 for ​Blizzard​.

  • Nominee:​ Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance​, Australian Dance Awards, 2016 for T​his is What’s Happening.

  • Nominee:​ Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance​, Australian Dance Awards, 2017 for ​Fallen’ O’er. Residencies


I have taught dance to adults, children and young people in various contexts over the last 10 years. I am currently a regular teacher at Lucy Guerin Inc. and Chunky Move 


Victorian College of Arts at The University of Melbourne ​— P​ostgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation (choreography)

Graduated 2013

The University of Melbourne​— ​Bachelor of Science
Graduated 2009
The National Theatre Ballet School—​ ​Diploma in Performing arts (classical dance)

Graduated 2004




In Development: The Last Word
A new work by Caroline Meaden and Michelle Heaven, supported by Temperance Hall and Lucy Guerin Inc. 

In Development: A Decorated Place

A new work in development at Geelong Arts Centre, 2021

Doors Shut 2019
A dance-theatre play, created by Alice Will Caroline featuring Mark Wilson, in residence at Temperance Hall and the Ian Potter Museum, presented in Melbourne Fringe as part of Temperance Hall’s curated program, winner of the 2019 Green Room Award for Best Ensemble Performance (Dance). and Melbourne Fringe's Trades Hall Residency award. 

Lady Example 2018-19
A dance-theatre work created in residence at The Substation with Alice Will Caroline, which premiered in the Next Wave Emerging Artist Festival and was subsequently re-staged at Arts House Meat Market for the 2019 Dance Massive Festival. Nominated for four Green Room Awards (Best Production, Ensemble Performance, Performer: Caroline Meaden and Sound Design: Emah Fox).


Let’s Go Up Here 2018
A live art performance/landscape painting workshop created by Alice Will Caroline with video by Mischa Baka in residence at Arts House, presented at FOLA (Festival of Live Art). 

Trilogy of the Desert: Mirage 2018
A participatory theatre event, created and presented at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of FLUX-KIT-MEL , curated by Jamie Lewis and Dan Koop for the MEL&NYC Festival. 

Blowin’ Up – Sneaky Bastard 2016
A solo work in a program of three short pieces, individually choreographed by Caroline Meaden, Alice Dixon and William McBride, presented by The Substation for Melbourne Fringe. Winner of the Arts House Evolution Award. 

Fallen O’er 2016
A dance-theatre work created by Alice Will Caroline. Commissioned and presented by the Abbotsford Convent Foundation, nominated for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance. 

This is What’s Happening 2015
A dance-theatre work by Alice Will Caroline, presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy in their curated Melbourne Fringe Festival program. Subsequently presented at Abbotsford Convent by KAGE Dance Theatre. Nominated for a Green Room Award (Sound Design) and Australian Dance Award (Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance). Winner of the Best Dance Award in Melbourne Fringe.



Too Much Sun 2013
Presented by Victorian College of the Arts as part of my Postgraduate Diploma of Choreography

The Visit and This is Super Ugly 2013

Short film works created in collaboration with Alice Dixon and presented in Nat Cursio Co.’s Private Dances - Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District

One Strange Friend 2012
Created in collaboration with Alice Dixon, Presented by Melbourne Fringe and Dancehouse

Bloom 2010
Solo work as part of Seamstress, presented by Thereadden for Melbourne Fringe

Once Drifted 2007
Presented by Room to Move Youth Dance Company at Geelong Performing Arts Centre

Untitled 2007

Winner of the Splashdance Choreographic Competition, presented at Geelong Performing Arts Centre 


In development: New work by Michelle Heaven for Lucy Guerin Inc.'s Pieces for Small Spaces 2021

In development: New work by Sandra Parker, 2021-2022

In development: Alien Affairs by Walter Dundervill and Iki Nakagawa 2020-

Performer/Collaborator in Prelude (the film) by Phillip Adams BalletLab and Walter Dundervill with NON studio (Temperance Hall 2020)

Performer in Batmania by the Very Good Looking Initiative (Theatreworks and Melbourne Fringe 2019)
Performer/Facilitator in Playing Up by Sybille Peters (co-produced by the Goethe Institute and The Substation 2018)

Dancer/Collaborator for the Merce Cunningham Trust Residency (National Gallery of Australia for the American Masters Exhibition 2018) 

Performer/Facilitator in The Gallery Workout by Monica Bill Barnes & Company - NY (National Gallery of Victoria and Arts Centre Melbourne for MEL/NYC Festival 2018)
Performer in Metamorphosen by Phillip Adams BalletLab (Melbourne Art Fair 2018)
Performer in Behaviour Part 7 by Shelley Lasica (2018) 

Performer/Collaborator in In Plan by Michelle Heaven (Melbourne International Arts Festival 2017 and Castlemaine Festival 2015)
Performer/Collaborator in Tiny Slopes by Nat Cursio Co. (Dance Massive Festival 2017)
Performer in Spring By Dark by Melanie Lane (AsiaTopa Festival 2017) 

Performer in A String Section by Reckless Sleepers (BEL/UK - The Malthouse 2015)
Performer in And Then by Alice Dixon (Lucy Guerin Inc’s Pieces for Small Spaces 2014)

Performer/Co-Choreographer in Blizzard by Nat Cursio Co. (The Substation, nominated for 3 Green Room Awards including Best Choreography, Concept and Ensemble Performance 2013)
Performer/Collaborator in Who Knows What by Rob McCredie (Next Wave Emerging Artist Festival 2010) Performer in Turandot, Alcina, Bliss, Ballo and The Ring Cycle by Opera Australia (2007-2016) 


I have undertaken residencies at: The Ian Potter Museum, Lucy Guerin Inc., Dancehouse, The Substation, Victorian Trades Hall (Fringe), Chunky Move Maximised and Chunky Move Solitude, City of Melbourne - Boyd Studio Residency, Darebin Arts Speakeasy, Vitalstatistix Adhocracy South Australia, Artshouse, Tasdance, and Mosaico Danza (Turin, Italy).
I have participated in workshops including: Danse Intensive with Rosalind Crisp (London and Melbourne), PAF Summer University (France), MELT Summer Intensive (Movement Research NY), Hotbed Workshops by Lucy Guerin Inc. and Dancehouse (Meg Stuart, Martin Nachbar, Elanor Bauer, Marten Spangberg), Impulstanz (Austria). 


I have been a guest teacher at secondary schools including Sacred Heart College, Geelong High, Geelong College and Camperdown College. I have also taught contemporary dance to students at Geelong Ballet Centre, co-facilitated a workshop at Over the Moon Dance School in Castlemaine and choreographed a work for Room to Move Youth Dance Company. I have taught beginner contemporary classes at Dancehouse, Carlton, and professional contemporary class at Lucy Guerin Inc. 


- Co-facilitation of meetings of the Melbourne independent dance sector to co-write submissions, proposals and discuss current industry challenges, supported by Lucy Guerin Inc/WXYZ Studios.

- Member of Lucy Guerin Inc.'s artist advisory panel (2020-21).

- TTDA (Think Tank Dance Assembly) facilitation and advocacy.

- DAMN writing project publication: 
- Capacity Building Budget Writing Workshop for young artists - co-facilitated with Selene Bateman from Auspicious Arts Projects, produced by Dancehouse.

- Speaker on an APAM Panel discussion on the current state of independent arts practice. 

- Secondment/Internship opportunities for younger artists and students (Lady Example and Doors Shut). 


Postgraduate Diploma of Performance Creation (Choreography), Victorian College of the Arts and Music 2013

Bachelor of Dance Performance, Adelaide College of the Arts 2006. 

Master of Speech Pathology, LaTrobe University (current)

Trainee Audio Describer with Description Victoria (current)


William McBride is a performance maker working across dance, theatre, contemporary performance and live-art. In addition to his work with Alice and Caroline, recent performance credits include: Playing Up (by Sibylle Peters at The Substation), The Bachelor (La Mama/Mechanic’s Institute), Aeon (Lz Dunne collaborations, Dance Massive/Live Works/PICA), Since I suppose... (one step at a time like this, Melbourne Festival), Hotel Obscura (Triage Live Art, FOLA, Arts House), and Marina Abramovic in Residence (Kaldor Public Arts, Project 30). He presented the performance-installations Bedding (World AIDS Conference, 2014) and Deliverance (Adelaide and Berlin, 2012). He has participated in residencies with the City of Melbourne’s Boyd Studio 1, Arts House and Performance Space’s Time 

Place Space: Nomad, Strange Attractor, PIAF Connect, Vitalstatistix’s Adhocracy, Critical Path and ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik). He completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation (Animateuring) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2013. In 2020, he will continue the development of Prelude - a new work by Phillip Adams BalletLab in collaboration with Walter Dundervill and the Chocolate Factory Theater, NYC. 

Will's work has been supported by The Australia Council through Artstart, Creative Victoria, Creative Partnerships Australia and Besen Family Foundation. He is the 2020 recipient of the Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch travelling fellowship from the VCA


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